New Levittown

Levittown, New York, USA 2010-12
Unbuilt, Competition entry for Build a Better 'Burb, 2010

Edge condition, arterial view from Gardiner's Avenue

Edge condition, View from subdivision

View inside New Levittown

Arial View of New Levittown

Characteristic view- oblique

Characteristic view- oblique elevational

Characteristic view- axial, boulevard

Characteristic view- axial, street

New Levittown responds to the program brief by creating a quasi-urban densification that would serve as an attractor for this particular area of Long Island. The treatment of various existing site elements and infrastructures, namely the highways which divide the site into quarters and the plots of unused land, are seen as part of a phasing plan whereby sustainability features such as mass transit boulevard and conversion of unused plots of land into rainwater gardens and bio- retention facilities grow into the design. The project is anchored by the superimposition of a 'modernist imaginary' onto prexisting site elements.

Typical Building Assembly

Interior Vignettes

Here with New Levittown we deliberately expose the operational space of architecture, a space that is usually conflated with the site in order to 'ground' architecture. By doubling the datum for which architecture is measured and produced, we destabilize the ground. This has the effect of inclining the project towards an affirmation of modernist tropes, namely disconnecting the ground plane from the building, having the subject implicated in completing the work through his or her positioning, and a redefining of the alienating effects of modernism as the ability to let site(s) read through and engender a plurality of inhabitations.

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