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JUNE 2012

Fractal Decomposition- The New Buildings of New Levittown. Paper presentation and exhibition participant at ISAMA 2012- Arts, Mathematics, Architecture Interdisciplinary Conference, Chicago, USA.

NOV 2011

Arming the Life World Paper presentation and conference participant at ARCHTHEO2011- Theory for the Sake of Theory Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

OCT 2011

PLATYCOMB- The Way You Live Now. Solo Exhibition of PlatyComb at Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

NOV 2009

Ideal Places, Empty Spaces- Panel organizer and paper presented at the University of Massachusetts, held by the Association of Economic and Social Analysis (AESA) and Rethinking Marxism, based out of the University of Massachusetts.

APR 2008

Surplus/Excess Conference- Politics of Aesthetics panel participant, paper entitled Surplus Structure of Contemporary Architecture presented at the University of California Riverside, held by the Association of Economic and Social Analysis (AESA) and Rethinking Marxism, based out of the University of Massachusetts.

MAY 2007

ISAMA07- Paper presented at the International Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture Conference held at Texas A&M University. Paper title: Minimal Surfaces and Architecture- Proposal for a Museum-Bridge for Venice, Italy.

AUG 2006

Interview on Ubiquity and Emergence Urbanism for the UrbanTELLS project installed in San Jose, CA for ZeroOne / ISEA Festival.

MAR 2006

The Accumulation Monument is featured in Prof. James Rouvelle's Lecture on the Concept of Time held at the Maryland Institute- other Symposium members include philosopher Dr. Dean Moyar and Dr. Mario Livio of the Hubble Space Observatory.

DEC 2005

The Accumulation Monument wins third prize in the Time In A City Competition sponsored by Moscow's architectural organization Dom na Brestskoy.

MAY 2005

Eric Worcester participates in the 33rd Session of the International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies held in Erice, Sicily. Seminar topic: Science and Culture Series- Buildings, Design and Defense.

JAN 2004

The Self-Healing City / Capitalis project is awarded an Independent Projects grant by Artists Space gallery in New York City

MAR 2001

Manifold Architecture is one of six recipients of the annual Young Architects prize at the Architectural League of New York City. Forum exhibition and publication topic: City Limits.

FEB 1999

The project R.A.N.T. is included in a ten member forum on the future of New York's East River held at the Van Alen Institute in New York City.

NOV 1998

The Richard Koch Exhibition Series at Tulane University presents The Incidental Object of Architecture, an exhibition and accompanying lecture of the project R.A.N.T.

SEP 1996

39 Under 39, The Garden of Justice is selected for a group exhibition of international architects under 39 years of age, sponsored by the Los Angeles based Academy of Architecture, Arts and Sciences .


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"Architecture and Defense." International Seminar on Nuclear War And Planetary Emergencies, 34th Session, (Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2006), pg. 453-458. Item: A reflection on the history and current state of defense in the conception and form of architecture.

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